Tax and accounting services

Our team of Accountants and Tax Advisers will assist with your tax reporting, tax payments and monitoring your tax registrations and records.

We provide solutions on issues such as:
• Tax
• Inheritance
• Property management
• Your representation in Greece

Our office collaborates with experienced associates (accountants, lawyers, engineers, consultants) and guarantees reliable solutions to your affairs.

Indicative provided services:
• Transfer of the tax residence to a foreign country
• Full representation in Greece as Tax Representatives but also as general Proxies ¬– Authorized attorneys – Representatives for any of your issues.
• We take over the process of documenting your tax residence abroad.
• Amending, supplementary statements of previous years.
• Issues on the Conventions for the avoidance of double taxation.
• Appointment of representative (drafting of power of attorney, filling and submission of the necessary forms to the IRS of foreign residents etc.).
• Electronic submission of the income declaration in TAXIS.
• Immediate calculation and printing of your Notice of income tax assessment.
• Electronic submission of E9 (for the amendment of assets) and Ε2 forms (for the collected rents).

Answers to all your questions:
• When is a person a tax resident of Greece?
• What is the meaning of tax residence according to the law?
• What is the process of transferring the tax residence?
• What information should the tax payer submit to the competent IRS in order to prove the change of residence?
• Is the Tax residence certificate a sufficient proof for the residence change?
• Can the tax payer retrospectively conjure a tax residence in another country?
• What is the meaning of the criterion of 183 days as to the documentation of the habitual residence?

The one aspect that I love in the Exact Project is the high level of transparency. I know exactly what is going on, I get all the information I need, all my questions are well answered and also immediately answered. It makes the whole process very safe and easy-going.