Our team of experts prepares a customized plan and suggests a strategy to achieve your target within your desired time-frame.

Our extensive portfolio includes many houses for sale in Greece, specializing in the property market of Athens. Additionally, it includes distressed properties, usually in bad condition, that can be renovated at a low cost and then resold with considerable margins. In order to widen the spectrum of our client’s choice, we will cooperate with any agency you might suggest in additional to our own portfolio.
Our portfolio also includes commercial real estate, ranging from hotels in Athens and in the Greek islands to parking lots and business units.
The Exact Project promises an on-going experience that goes beyond just buying or selling a property. To us, becoming your trusted partner in Greece, is of utmost importance. With professionalism, integrity and efficiency our team works alongside you every step of the way to advise you and protect your interests.

• Property valuation
We appraise the value of properties and prepare marketing plans tailor-made to your price goals, budget and time horizons.

• Market analysis
We analyse the market by identifying upcoming areas, undervalued properties and safe investment options. We share our knowledge with you on the recent trends in prices, rents and tourism.

• Return on Investment estimate
We provide you with a reliable assessment on future returns and prices.

• Property viewing
Our team prepares a schedule pre-approved by you and will accompany you to all properties or attend them on your behalf

• Cost assessment
Using our fully transparent in-house model, we provide you with a cost-analysis table for each property, which demonstrates all expenses, taxes and future costs associated to your investment, revealing all hidden costs

• Property sourcing
We deliver a selection of properties that are tailor-made to your budget, design requirements and return goals.

• Negotiations
With deep understanding that value is not acquired but created, our brokers apply the art and science of negotiation, committed to seal a lucrative deal for you and increase your profit margin.