Results From Long Term Investments With Maximum Returns To Our Clients

Our approach :

-Investing into the dynamic of increasing values 

-Anticipating and planning for maximum R.O.I. 

-Keeping strict time and budget lines 

-Renting and monitoring rent collection 

-Minimizing maintenance cost 

Results 2018-2020

On the right, is the pie chart of a real-life example. By just the 7th year our client is getting a 94% of his/her initial investment, with all costs and income taxes paid.  Successfully navigating through the 3rd year of COVID-19 and Global challenges.

"My experience with Julia and her team has been exceptional. Every step of the process of purchasing property through her company has been handled with the utmost professionalism and also with personal attention to detail and individual needs. All our dealings have been smooth and prompt, with accounts, legalities, taxes and transactions reported with full explanation and transparency. The logistics of setting everything up to buy an apartment in Greece as a foreigner was made easy with her experience and guidance through every step. The ongoing management of the property is also excellent and seamless.