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The Exact Project is a one-stop shop offering a full range of Real Estate Services including Property Marketing, Legal Services, Consulting, Property Development, Renovation and Property Management in Athens, Greece.

Our aim is to offer our clients complete peace of mind over their investment in Greece, while enjoying the considerable returns the market has to offer.


We offer a full range of Real Estate Services including Property Marketing & Sourcing, Legal Services & Consulting, Property Development & Renovation and Property Management in Athens, Greece.


All decisions before your purchase are made step-by-step, with full transparency and updating as to maximise your return on investment. We handle your tax declarations and manage your property in the most optimal way.


Our UNIQUE Model

Enjoying the maximum return possible the market has to offer.


Aiming at the maximum ROI (9% and above)

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Applied to small and medium size apartments





South Peloponnese

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East Peloponnese

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Other Areas



Real Estate

Our team of experts prepares a customized plan and suggests a strategy to achieve your target within your desired time-frame.


Long-Term Rent Services

Make your lease follow your life, and not the other way around. We do all the work so you can rent today an apartment you always dreamed of.


Legal Services

We provide you continuous legal representation in Greece. It is the legal consultation that will guide you through all necessary steps of obtaining or selling a property in Greece. Our lawyers cover all necessary legal ranging from performing the due diligence of sellers/buyers to accepting powers of attorney in order to represent your interests


Renovation and Construction

We work with the best technical offices in Athens to provide you a wide range of possibilities. From revitalising your property, to building your dream home, or redevelop your building or creating low cost solutions for investment properties as to maximise your yield.


Tax And Accounting Services




"My experience with Julia and her team has been exceptional. Every step of the process of purchasing property through her company has been handled with the utmost professionalism and also with personal attention to detail and individual needs. All our dealings have been smooth and prompt, with accounts, legalities, taxes and transactions reported with full explanation and transparency. The logistics of setting everything up to buy an apartment in Greece as a foreigner was made easy with her experience and guidance through every step. The ongoing management of the property is also excellent and seamless. Julia has a unique talent and intuition for matching real estate to buyers and tenants. She is extremely dedicated to her clients and getting the best for them. I feel so lucky to have met her. She has turned my life around.


The one aspect that I love in the Exact Project is the high level of transparency. I know exactly what is going on, I get all the information I need, all my questions are well answered and also immediately answered. It makes the whole process very safe and easy-going.


The experience of working with Julia is amazing because she handled for me all the steps and dealings with the authorities, and I didn’t have to go through a lot of burden at all. The registration with the tax authorities, the banks, the lawyers, the engineers, the notary and more - all went smooth. It is a remarkable service. Very friendly to the user.


I never thought I could do it, really. Buy property in another country and see revenue so quickly. I was astonished that the flat was rented in such a short period of time, not to mention that the fee for the administration of the property is very moderate. I am very happy I found this project. It is very rare in the business of real estate to find people whom you can trust and count on. Julia is efficient and has a lovely personality. We actually became friends. She understands your needs and works for you, with ideas and suggestions that I didn’t consider. She definitely knows her job and how to negotiate the best deal for you.


Julia is the most professional person I’ve worked with in purchasing and managing apartments. I know I can trust her 100%. She is honest and straightforward in all her dealings, as well as being a very kind and considerate person.


Julia was recommended by friends of us, a couple who said that she is honest and professional. In the ZOOM , Julia deployed all the necessary services she provides in the purchase of a property, its improvement and operation. Already in that conversation I liked her service approach. Today, after purchasing two apartments through her, I would like to point out in particular her ability to deal with unexpected scenarios - she has the ability to be proactive on the one hand and on the other hand to know when she must get our consent as customers and move forward only after our approval. These qualities are important to us as investors living outside of Greece.



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